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The Thompson & Crowe story

  Thompson & Crowe started as a short story Matt once wrote about two soldiers who met in an open air street market in Paris after WWI . Talking about their finds over a beer in Monte Marte they came up with an idea to keep traveling and buy beautiful things to send home and start a business back in the states. An older man in a white suit at the next table introduced himself as Eliott Templeton. He admitted some experience in antiques and emphasized to get the best they could find saying “Everyone will always appreciate quality”.  Their story ended on 5th Ave, ours continues online.
  Matt started the real Thompson & Crowe in the same way and named the company in tribute to the spirit of the story. We focus on late 19th to mid-20th century art, fine porcelain, crystal and stimulating oddities like antique typewriters and fans. We spend about a third of our time researching items origins and places in the lives of people that used them. We’ve been collecting for over 40 years and still find this exciting. If we can ever help, please reach out and we’ll take the time to do what we can to make sure you get what you need.
  While driving a fresh collection of wares with my wife Shannon, I often picture Thompson & Crowe on their camel train loaded up in the desert or on a little lorry putting through the backstreets of London chatting away, “Their going to love these ones”. I hope you find antiques an adventure too.

Matt & Shannon Huusko

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